two construction workers on a ridge

Why Ankle and Foot Injuries Are So Common In Construction Work

Ankle and foot injuries in Oregon are caused by a variety of job-site hazards: falling objects, slippery surfaces, trips, and falls, or equipment malfunctions. According to the National Safety Council, in one year alone, construction workers had over 18,000 lower extremity injuries that caused days away from work in the private sector. Of that number, 4,500 were ankle injuries, and 3,620 involved feet or toes.

Your Most Used Body Part

The problem with construction work is that you spend a lot of time on your feet, causing ankle and foot injuries. Workers and employers need to make sure there is an excellent level of safety compliance. There also needs to be a culture in which people see safe working methods and adequate footwear as mandatory; as a natural part of work and doing business.

You Are What You Wear

Safety is critical, but with safety gear, comfort is also important. There are many challenges in the outdoor construction industry with finding appropriate footwear. Working in environments with so much walking, employees need something thats not only comfortable but will also protect them from ankle and foot injuries.

For construction employers, ensuring workers reduce the risk of foot or ankle injuries rests on creating a culture of safety, educating workers about hazards, and requiring everyone to wear proper footwear.