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The Basics of Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s compensation is paid by an employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. If you, as an employee, become sick or are injured at work as a result of your job, you may be eligible to file a worker’s compensation claim. Some workers may worry that, depending on who is at fault, they may or may not be covered, but who is at fault is not necessarily as crucial as to whether your situation has occurred due to your work. It’s always best to consult a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon.

What Every Employee Should Know

Most workers don’t think twice when they accept their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance payments, but they should. When an employee is injured at his or her workplace and has accepted the worker’s compensation insurance, they no longer have a right to sue their employer. In times past, before worker’s compensation insurance, people could not afford to sue their employers. A workers’ compensation attorney will tell you that this led to a law requiring every employer to provide worker’s compensation insurance to provide for lost wages and medical care for employees and protect employers from being continually sued. In most cases accepting your employer’s worker’s comp insurance is the best choice, as it protects everyone.