Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Oregon

It can be challenging to plan your next steps when a workplace injury stops you from being able to return to work. Life goes on after an injury, however, no matter how severe it may be. That means bills need to be paid. As an employee in the Beaver State, you are lucky enough to be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Oregon.

Workers’ compensation attorney Mark Thesing Inc. is ready to help you successfully apply for the benefits owed to you to make sure your bills are covered. Thanks to workers’ compensation laws, you have:

  • The Right to Fully-Paid Medical Care
  • The Right to Fully-Replaced Wages (66%)
  • The Right to Replaced Wages if Your Injury is Severe (For Example, Requiring Surgery)
  • The Right to Return to Your Old Job or Job Retraining

Types of Benefits

While every employee in the state is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, many people are unsure of what kind of benefits they will receive when their claim is accepted. We want to let you know that these benefits are all “statutory benefits.” That means they are set by statute, and if your claim is accepted, you can receive medical benefits, income benefits, or death benefits.

Medical: Most work-related injuries that are bad enough for a claim require extensive medical treatment. However, no matter how much or how little care you need, your workers’ compensation will cover it.

Income: Injuries can prevent you from being able to work. That is why workers’ compensation provides disability payments--usually around 66% of your original salary. This helps you continue to pay your essential bills, even if you are unable to earn money.

Death: If a work-related injury or illness results in a death, then the relatives of the deceased employee may receive payments in installments. The amount of these payments varies according to the situation.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Some workers with severe injuries may qualify for vocational rehabilitation services. These services help workers who are unable to perform their old jobs anymore acquire new skills while they are recovering from their injuries.

Reach out to our law firm today to begin the process of submitting your claim. The sooner after an injury you file your claim, the better the chances are of getting it accepted.