Disputing Closed Claims in Oregon

If you have a compensation claim that you feel was closed before it was fully resolved, then Mark Thessing Inc. is here to help. I will provide you with the support you require when disputing closed claims in Oregon. Typically a compensation case is closed when acceptable disabling medical conditions are medically stationary and when an insurance company has adequate information to issue a Notice of Closure. The Notice of Closure will detail the status of your work release, how much permanent or partial disability you’ve been awarded, and provides you with information on how to dispute your claim.

When you enlist my services, I will go through your Notice of Closure to ensure that there is adequate evidence to show you were medically stationary. I will also look closely at the findings of the closing exam to ensure your permanent/partial disability was calculated properly. So contact my office when you need the services of a workers’ compensation attorney and to begin the process of disputing your closed case.

Submitting Your Claim

When your workers’ compensation claim is closed, you will need to file an appeal with the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. The division then has up to 120 days to issue an Order on Reconsideration. During these 120 days, they will go over all the details of your claim and review the information provided by you and your insurer.