When Workers’ Comp Starts Paying

How Injury Compensation Works in Oregon

When you have filed for workers’ injury compensation in Oregon, you might find yourself wondering how long it will take before you are likely to receive a payment. Dealing with a painful work-related injury comes with enough stress as it is, but the added uncertainty of the claims process can make things even more frustrating. That is why we have created a typical timeline so you can better understand the process and what affects it.

The first thing to remember is that every claim is different, and the timeline for your specific claim will depend on several factors. You are generally expected to notify your employer immediately when you have been injured. The employer must then inform their insurance carrier within five days of receiving your notice.

Once your workers’ compensation claim has been submitted, the insurance carrier will have 60 days from the date of your employer’s notification to accept or deny the claim in writing. If you do not receive a written notice of acceptance or denial within those 60 days, you can request a hearing from the Oregon Workers’ Comp Board.

That means the general wait time before you can expect your first payment is about two months. This may not be the fastest turnaround time, but knowing how long the process takes can make the wait a bit easier when dealing with your work injuries.