How a Worker’s Compensation Attorney Gets Paid

Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Oregon

It is no secret that the fees associated with hiring a lawyer can add up quickly. However, when you must file a workers’ compensation claim or your claim is denied, it may be worrying to consider the cost. Fortunately for the injured party, a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon only gets paid if their efforts are instrumental in a successful benefits case.

Investigative Responsibilities

An attorney will investigate denied claims, meet with the client, talk to witnesses, and acquire medical records or opinions. A workers’ compensation attorney may also attend a hearing with their client or file appeals. Their efforts are only considered instrumental if they get a denial set aside or an increase in benefits for their client.

A Fee for Successful Legal Services

If the result is a denied benefit granted or a denied claim overturned, the insurance company is ordered to pay an assessed fee. Should the injured and the insurance company come to an agreement, the workers’ compensation practice will get a percentage of the settlement.

The advantage to this system is that if you are injured at work and file a claim requiring legal assistance, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee upfront and can concentrate on healing from your accident.