When Vocational Rehabilitation in Oregon an Option for You

When severe injuries caused by your working conditions have made it where you can no longer perform your current duties, you might feel at a loss. Especially if your role is something, you have been training to do for several years. But fear not, the fact is, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation in Oregon through workers’ compensation.

Mark Thesing Inc. helps you take advantage of vocational rehabilitation services by ensuring your workers’ compensation application is as polished as possible. Since 1995, Mark has been helping employees throughout the state build new lives for themselves following workplace injuries by putting his experience and skills to work. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with our workers’ compensation attorney.

What Vocational Rehabilitation Is

When a workplace injury results in the loss of a skill or ability that renders an employee unable to continue performing their job as they did before, then that employee may be eligible for rehabilitation assistance to help them return to suitable employment. There are a few essential things to know about vocational rehabilitation, however. The first is that workers’ compensation covers tuition and time-loss while you are learning your new skills. However, it does not guarantee you will be able to secure a new job.

The second important fact is that many workers choose cash lump sum settlements, which means they are not eligible for vocational rehabilitation. Our attorney helps you to understand the terms of your settlement and keep you informed of your choices. This includes helping you through the evaluation process when you seek to enter a vocational rehabilitation program.