Learn About the Most Common Work Injuries in Oregon

When it comes to work-related injuries, workers’ compensation covers thousands of different types each and every day. Some examples of injuries are much more common than others, and Mark Thesing is ready to assist you whether you are dealing with rare or common work injuries in Oregon.

If you have been hurt at work, there is a good chance that your injury is covered by workers’ compensation. Contact me to help you navigate this process, so you better understand what you are owed.

Common Injuries Sustained on the Job

The human body might be quite hardy, but there are still thousands of ways to hurt yourself while working. From mild to severe, if your injury requires professional medical treatment, then it is likely you will receive benefits in the form of wage loss payments and covered medical care. Some of the most common work injuries include:

Back Injuries – Hernias, fractures, and simple strains are all injuries that can put you out of action.

Knee Injuries – These painful injuries can turn simple tasks into difficult feats, and–in some cases—impossibilities.

Shoulder Injuries – Shoulder injuries could keep you from being able to lift items or reach for them. If your job emphasizes physical labor, that could leave you out of commission.

Ankle & Foot Injuries – Some of the most common workplace injuries result from items being dropped on employees’ feet. Sometimes this can lead to just a sprain or a bruise, sometimes to a break or other issue.

Understanding Your Medical Evaluation

A doctor will usually use their best professional opinion to help you determine the severity of your injury. If your doctor elects not to order an MRI to detect soft tissue tears, that means they usually believe you only have a simple strain. A CAT scan might be ordered if they believe there is a severe bone fracture.

Even professionals can make mistakes. If you are convinced that there is something more serious than a strain causing your pain, then you can pay out-of-pocket to undergo an MRI or CAT scan. If your claim is accepted, workers’ compensation will reimburse you for the money spent on these tests. Contact me today to learn more about my legal approach to common workplace injuries.