Dedicated Workers Comp Attorney in Portland, OR

You deserve a safe workplace. When you receive an injury on the job, the odds are good that something you don’t control was to blame. That entitles you to compensation, but it’s not always easy to pursue. Your employer is likely to fight your claim with wealth and resources you don’t have.

That’s why it’s vital to contact a dependable workers comp attorney in Portland, OR. If you’re looking for an experienced professional, there’s one name you can always trust: Mark Thesing. For more than 20 years, I’ve helped clients get the funds they need to recover and move past accidents.

When You Need (and Don’t Need) an Attorney

Work-related injuries can have complicated legal implications. You often have to do the work of proving employer liability or even disputing closed claims. I use my skills and resources to make sure that your real pain doesn’t get written off. In many cases, I can both reduce stress and increase the value of a client’s claim and settlement.

Though the circumstances may change, my mission is always the same: getting you the compensation you need. That’s why I never charge fees unless I’m able to overturn a denial or secure payment for you.

Also, I can offer advice on when you might not need to retain an attorney. If a responsible employer accepts your claim, and you plan to go back to a great job, you might not need extended representation. Reach out to me today to find the best pathway forward in your case.