Your Guide to Compensation for On-the-Job Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

Accidents happen on the road all the time, and the danger doesn’t diminish simply because you’re on the clock. When you’re hurt due to on-the-job vehicle accidents in Oregon, rely on Mark Thesing Inc. to help you file a well-documented workers’ comp claim.

Countless jobs require their employees to be on the road: truck and bus drivers, contractors, delivery workers, and salespeople, to name a few. An office worker might even be asked to run an errand in their vehicle. It’s no surprise that auto accidents are among the leading causes of common work injuries. Talk to me today to discuss your accident and find out which benefits you may be eligible for — and how to submit your claim for them.

Is Your Auto Accident Covered?

In general, workers’ compensation covers most accidents that happen while you’re driving for work. If you require medical treatment, time off, or retraining, your benefits will likely cover you.

However, not all work-related vehicle accidents are eligible. One common question I get is as a workers’ compensation attorney is whether a person can submit a claim if they are injured during their commute. The answer is typically no unless the worker can demonstrate that traveling is an integral part of their job. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether you have a potential claim:

  • Was your trip business-related?
  • Is travel an essential part of your job duties?
  • Are you reimbursed for the traveling portion of your job?
  • Did the accident occur on your employer’s property?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact me to discuss your case further. Thanks to my decades of experience with submitting and appealing workers’ compensation claims, I provide the guidance you need to make the process simple.