How to Handle Work-Related Injuries in Oregon

If you’re filing a workers’ compensation claim for the first time, several questions might be running through your head. Turn to Mark Thesing Inc. to get informative answers in your time of need. With more than two decades of experience to my name, I’m well equipped to guide you through the process, no matter what the nature of your work-related injuries in Oregon. Whatever your needs, you can always count on me, your dedicated workers’ compensation attorney to give your circumstances the attention and care that are due.

Working Through Your First-Time Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you receive a work-related injury on the property or an occupational disease, it’s recommended that you report them to your employer as soon as possible. Seeing your doctor for an independent medical examination (IME) as quickly as you can is always in your best interest. Not only can it help you speed up your recovery, but it ensures your claim can get underway.

After reporting your injury to your employer, be sure you ask to fill out an 801 form if you wish to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical costs, lost wages, and permanent disability. Remember that filing a claim is your right as an employee, and in the state of Oregon, you only have 90 days to file.

What Your Employer’s Responsibilities Are

Your employer must submit a workers’ compensation claim 801 form to their insurer within five days of being notified of your injury. It is illegal for employers to commit any action that may prevent employees from filing claims.

If your employer refuses to allow you to submit an accident claim, reach out to our firm immediately to work with a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney that’s ready to fight for you. Also, the Office of the Ombudsman is available at 1-(800) 927-1271. They can help you start your claim should you encounter any obstacles. Lastly, if your employer does not have insurance, the state of Oregon will provide your workers’ compensation benefits.

What Your Doctor’s Responsibilities Are

When you seek medical treatment for your injury, be sure to inform your doctor that you were hurt in a work-related accident. Both you and your doctor should complete Oregon Form 827. Medical providers must report work-related injuries to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer within three days.

Reach out to my office with any questions or concerns you have regarding any workplace injuries you’ve endured. See how seeking my counsel can help you move forward with your claim.