Assistance with Third-Party Insurance Claims in Oregon

Not all injuries sustained at work are caused by employer negligence. Often, they are caused by a third-party such as contractors or product manufacturers. In these cases, you can file third party insurance claims in Oregon, as well as bring a civil lawsuit against these third-parties. Additionally, with your civil suit, you have the right to have a jury of your peers, determine your damages. Contact my office to learn more about your rights when the negligence of a third party causes your work-related injuries.

Understanding Third-Party Claims

Typically in the state of Oregon, your third party claims are still covered under workers’ compensation, which means that you cannot file both a workers’ comp and third-party claim. However, if your employer does not have compensation insurance, then you can file a third suit to help cover the cost of your medical bills as well as to cover your lost wages. The most common reason why employees are required to file a third-party claim is when they are injured in a car accident while performing their work. Other common reasons involve being injured by a defective product or by the negligence of an independent contractor.