What Are Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Veterans?

Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Oregon

In addition to the federal benefits available to eligible U.S. military veterans, the state of Oregon also offers additional benefits to the more than 320,000 veterans that make their homes there. Some of these include vocational rehabilitation services.

Vocational rehabilitation is a training process designed to help disabled individuals gain, maintain, or return to employment. It can be a part of workers’ compensation benefits in Oregon for work-related injuries or a freestanding program tailored to specific populations—like veterans.

Veteran Readiness, Priority of Service, and Outreach Programs

Oregon is proud to participate in the Veteran Readiness and Employment Service program through the VA. This program provides vocational rehabilitation services and other benefits to help transitioning service members and veterans with service-connected disabilities.

Furthermore, thanks to an Oregon law passed in 1977, public employers must grant preference to disabled veterans who apply to vacant civil service positions. To be eligible for this preference, applicants must successfully clear an initial screening, pass any applicable tests, and meet the qualifications for the job. Veterans may also qualify for Priority of Service in employment and training services through WorkSource Oregon.

In addition to injury compensation, service-disabled veterans may also take advantage of Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Programs (DVOPs) for assistance with applying to jobs in the public and private sector. DVOPs operate in over 20 Oregon cities.