Is It Worth Getting a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Oregon?

workers’ compensation attorney in oregon

If your worker’s compensation claim is in question, the answer is to always hire a lawyer. A worker’s compensation attorney in Oregon can help protect your health, income, and future. Minor injuries likely don’t need a lawyer’s intervention, especially if the incident was straightforward and you can return to work after a short period.

Complicated Matters

However, some accidents require a more in-depth analysis of the incident, a longer leave of absence, or extensive medical treatment. When the situation is complicated and a larger amount of money is involved, it’s a good idea to access legal services.

The primary reasons you would consider hiring a worker’s compensation attorney include:

Insurance Denies Your Claim
A Permanent Disability Rating Dispute
Pre-Existing Conditions
Trouble Getting Treatment
Worker’s Compensation Hearing Representative

The Coverage You Need

Worker’s compensation benefits are there to protect you. They can cover your income and medical bills, both of which can add up quickly. As soon as you experience an injury at work, start the process of securing your coverage for any related expenses. If you are filing a first-time worker’s compensation claim, are not familiar with the process, or have a lot of documentation, hiring a lawyer is a wise decision.