How Has COVID-19 Changed Workers’ Compensation?

Workers Compensation in Portland, OR

Calculating the impact of COVID-19 on workers has proven challenging. Concerns surrounding the exposure risk and incidence of contracting the virus have made determining workers’ compensation benefits difficult.

Several factors contribute to claims for workers’ compensation in Portland, OR. The complications surrounding proof of COVID-19 exposure at work can make claims far more complex than a typical case.

While it is possible to submit a claim for loss of work due to exposure to or being diagnosed with COVID-19, the laws surrounding the benefits continue to evolve. If you submit a first-time workers’ compensation claim due to exposure to or diagnosis of COVID-19, it’s best to speak to an attorney. They will have the most current information on benefits regarding the virus.

Limited Benefits for Vaccine Side Effects

It’s also important to note that vaccine side effects typically have limited employer liability, although they may still offer coverage.

The primary side effects include:

Pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site
Muscle pain

While employers may be liable for workers’ compensation for these side effects, it should not stop them from mandating vaccination protocols within their organization. If an employer has any questions about their liability and responsibility, they should speak to a workers’ compensation attorney.