Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Workers’ Compensation

When you need to file for a workers’ compensation claim, several mistakes can slow the process or even cause the claim to be denied.

Don’t Handle Your Claim Alone

One of your first calls should be to a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon to assist with your claim. They know the system and can provide guidance and advice to expedite your claim.

Not Keeping Accurate Records

Detailed and accurate records can make or break your case. Be sure to keep track of time missed at work due to the injury in addition to any medical expenses incurred. Your records can help ensure you are paid the correct amount of compensation.

Failing To Record the Injury

Immediately report a work injury to your supervisor and make sure they document it. Failure to do so or a delay in reporting can make it more challenging to get the claim approved.

Not Seeking Treatment

Even if you think the injury will not affect your day-to-day life, obtaining a medical record of the incident is vital. Documenting the history of treatment and expenses also means you have a medical professional’s opinion on your side.

Your workplace injury could not only affect your ability to do your job, but it could also affect your future health. Don’t take chances; talk to a workers’ compensation attorney to ensure your rights are protected as an employee.