When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Oregon

Your insurance company will probably cover any medical costs related to a simple accident on the job. Water on the floor that causes your ankle to roll, forcing you to take it easy for a few days, is an example of a simple injury. However, some employees incur serious injuries that can result in the inability to work and earn a living. Some insurance companies balk at paying for their customers’ expenses following a debilitating accident. You should hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon if you are unsure if your injury qualifies for a claim.

You need a lawyer if the insurance company denies your claim. An attorney has the knowledge and skill to help you appeal the decision. They can also advocate on your part if your insurer disputes your doctor’s permanent disability designation. The insurance company often hires a physician to conduct an independent medical examination that is more favorable. And many times, an insurer will suggest that an employee’s injury is the result of a preexisting injury instead of an incident that occurred in the workplace.

You cannot fight the insurance company alone for these and other reasons because they are trying to prevent paying you. Please contact Mark Thesing Inc. for a consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.