When Portland, OR, Workers’ Compensation Covers Car Accidents at Work

Transportation accidents are common work injuries, so they’re often covered by the same benefits as any other. In Oregon, every employer with even a single employee has to have coverage, so if your case has met the criteria, you could likely receive these benefits to help ease the aftermath. Workers’ compensation in Portland, OR, is no-fault, so even if you were the cause of the accident, you could still qualify. No matter what the circumstances, you should always be sure to report the incident to the employer and file a claim quickly, so you don’t miss the deadline.

Workers’ comp benefits are available for accidents that happen during work or on employer property. Taxi and truck drivers are prime examples of drivers that are covered by workers’ compensation.  In addition, those making deliveries, business travelers, employees completing work-related errands, sales calls, and other such things may also be covered. Please note that any accidents occurring during breaktimes, lunch hours, or commutes are typically not covered. A workers’ compensation attorney like Mark Thesing Inc. can help you get your claim approved by ensuring it is filed correctly and on time. It’s also always wise to consult with an attorney anyway to learn whether personal injury lawsuits may be applicable.