What You Should Know About Employer Liability in Oregon

Employees in this state have protections to ensure safety in the workplace. However, employer liability in Oregon is not a part of the state’s no-fault system. This means that workers who get hurt on the job cannot sue their employer.

Your case doesn’t have to end here. You can raise safety concerns with the company you work for and file a complaint with OSHA, should the risks continue. And if your injuries result from employer negligence, you can sue them.

When to Seek a Skilled Attorney

Many workers find themselves in a situation where Workers Compensation has said “No,” to them. Such an answer doesn’t pay your medical bills. You have the option of appealing this decision. This is when you call in an experienced attorney who knows the finer point of employer liability in Oregon.

The system is so complex that it’s challenging for a layperson to navigate. Don’t give up the fight without talking to a lawyer who knows the system and can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Only about 1 in 50 such cases go to court. The others are resolved through negotiation. Reach out to a savvy attorney to discuss your options.