What Is Vocational Rehabilitation in Oregon?

Working fosters independence, no matter who you are or what you want to do for a living. For people with disabilities, there can be challenges to finding the perfect placement. Fortunately, there are programs to help develop alternative workflows and build on existing experience. Whether you were born with a disability or suffered an injury later in life, vocational rehabilitation in Oregon can help you establish the skills needed to find and keep a job.

Helping People Succeed

Vocational rehabilitation is a statewide resource that assists people with functional, cognitive, developmental, emotional, and physical impairments to find employment that matches their interests and abilities. As a part of the Department of Human Services, the goal of VR is to ensure that everyone, no matter their ability level, has every opportunity open to them. Oregon vocational rehabilitation services will help anyone with any disability, except for blindness or deaf-blindness.

Tailored to You

Vocational rehabilitation leverages the skills and talents of eligible individuals. These people will receive support and guidance to ensure continued success in their chosen field. From finding your first job to retraining after a workplace injury, vocational rehabilitation can help you overcome barriers and excel in your chosen occupation.