What If I Can Never Return to Work Because of My Injury?

If you’ve been injured on the job and can no longer work in your former role, we’d like to start this article from Mark Thesing Inc. by expressing our sympathy to you. It’s devastating to be deprived of your livelihood while also dealing with the effects of an injury. This article will discuss the avenues that are open to you when seeking workers’ compensation in Portland, OR.

Workers’ comp, as it’s also known, is a resource that helps employees when they get injured on the job. You should be eligible to receive funding to cover medical care under workers’ compensation and payments that mainly cover your lost wages. This rate is around 66% of your former salary. In some cases the employee is eligible for an injury settlement.

If you can’t return to your previous position because of the severity of your injury, your employer’s insurer should pay for your vocational rehabilitation therapy. This training aims to give you new skills for a job that you may be able to do. If you still cannot work following the therapy, you may be eligible for permanent disability benefits.

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