The Average and Median Knee Injury Settlement

Some jobs are very labor-intensive and take a physical toll on workers. It is often exacted in knee injuries that are not uncommon due to the nature of the tasks and the fact that joints are constantly in use.

Mark Thesing Inc. has helped numerous clients seek compensation for knee injuries in Oregon. We are presenting this article, so you have a source of information on the settlement range claimants are receiving.

When you are receiving medical care under workers’ compensation, there still can be additional expenses you need to cover. Sometimes you have to purchase medical equipment for your home or make up for lost wages due to time off work. Those extra costs can sometimes be accounted for under settlements.

Here are some figures that are related to knee injury settlements. The average verdict for a severe knee injury is $359,149, and the median verdict is $114,299. Severe knee injuries are considered things like dislocations, fractures, and replacements. Half the cases considered are from car collision suits, with the others from general lawsuits.

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