Strategies for Preventing Workplace Injuries in Oregon

It is never a comfortable prospect to think about being injured while on the job. Work-related injuries in Oregon, or anywhere else can impact your livelihood. Additionally, you will have to file a claim for workers’ compensation, which might cause additional issues.

While it is not possible to eliminate the risk of bodily harm at work completely, you can take steps to minimize it. Here are a few tips for preventing workplace injuries.

Be Familiar with Your Employer’s Safety and Wellness Plan

A safety and wellness plan should include guidelines on how to behave while at work or the job site. In addition, the plan should encourage the reporting of hazardous practices and behavior. The plan should have recommended practices for accident prevention and wellness.

Use Protective Equipment

Depending on your industry and the nature of your profession, you may be required to use personal protective equipment while on the job. Equipment can include gloves, facemasks, eye protection, hearing protection, hard hats, and safety shoes. Be familiar with the equipment you are given and know the proper way to wear and maintain them.

Never Take Shortcuts

A leading cause of work-related injuries is taking shortcuts: skipping or ignoring procedures for the sake of being ahead of schedule. When performing your duties, always be familiar with the instructions, and ask if anything is unclear.

A fact of life is that even the most prepared workers can encounter accidents. If you are ever in a situation where you will need to file a claim for workers’ compensation, it is crucial to consult with an attorney. Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist with filing these claims.