Can You Seek Legal Services in Oregon for a Workplace Injury?

When injured in the normal course of your employment, you are almost always eligible for workers’ compensation. However, what happens if the claim is denied and you still believe your injury resulted from your job? In that case, it’s time to look into legal services in Oregon.

Legal Action For Injury

Often the short answer is no; you can’t sue your employer, and it is the law in many states, including Oregon. Based on workers’ compensation policy, an injured worker cannot sue their employers for work-related injury or disease. They’re limited to the reparation in the workers’ compensation system. Even with denied claims, the employer is often still protected from legal action.

However, certain circumstances in Oregon allow denied claims to be processed through the court system. Each case is handled differently, and it’s best to seek legal services to determine whether your situation warrants further investigation.

Third-Party Liability

Depending on your injury, you may be able to hold third-party companies or individuals responsible. They can include:

  • Product Manufacturers
  • Contractors or Sub-Contractors
  • Automobile Drivers
  • Worksite Owners

Get in touch with a worker’s compensation lawyer, and they will be able to determine what, if any, action you can take to find restitution for your injury.